Sunday, July 10, 2011

About Us

Licensed Daycare provider
ECE Certified

Saint Johns Certified

Warm healthy nutritious meals & snacks provided

I forge a relationship with each child based on their needs, which helps build confidence, develops & nurture respect not only for themselves but towards others.

I encourage them to be loving & kind to all living things, to be positive in all that they say & do.

I engage the children in actives that will strengthen their listening & communication skills that will equip them with necessary tools for socializing with their peers in present & future.

Since the very begin of my training I realized that children are like snowflakes, no two are ever the same. So I have devised many methods of teaching but the focus being even when the are at play the are learning, I make every lesson challenging & fun.

I use many different tools to teach, such as telling stories, singing songs & listening to music. I encourage the children to use their imagination when the are drawing, painting, colouring, building/sculpting & when they are making up songs & telling me along with the other children stories.

Everyday we learn about nature & the role that they each play in the environment, through earth science lessons which are taught during our time playing & exploring in the backyard. We also have fun with science by doing simple projects/experiments opening up their minds & get them interested to the way the world works.

With the proper guidance & encouragement any child can grow to do or be anything.

Excepting children between the ages of 10 months - 5 1/2 years

HOURS OF OPERATION: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon - Fri

Closest intersection Gamble Rd. & Yonge St.

For more information or to schedule a consultation please call (905) - 737 - 6731

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